porch gallery show 3 (1 of 1).jpg

ICEBERG 10 mandala flatIceberg 10 Mandala


PAIRing 1.jpgIceberg 1                                                    Wyoming Sky


PAIRing 2.jpgIceberg 2                                                            Monument Valley Butte


PAIRing 3.jpgIceberg 8                                                             Rocks


PAIRing 4.jpgIceberg 13                                                                 Monument Valley


PAIRing 5.jpgEcoflight 1                                                               Ecoflight 2


porch gallery show 4 (1 of 1).jpg

WATERFALLS Svartifoss.jpgSvartifoss   24″x18″


WATERFALLS Haifoss.jpgHaifoss   24″x18″


WATERFALL Skokafuss.jpgSkokafoss   24″x18″


Mandalas  22″ diameter – each


MUSK OX 1Musk Ox Skull


UNCHARTED TERRITORY   https://vimeo.com/188231446



I’ve recently returned from a second trip this year to Iceland, and this last trip also included a seven day journey on a 100+ yr old wood schooner through the fjords of remote east Greenland, sailing amongst giant icebergs, steep mountains, and glaciers.

As an artist whose work is based on landscape, I have been particularly drawn to the vast empty spaces of the Southwest desert, and am now experiencing that same sense of discovery, wonder and place for the arctic regions of wild Greenland, and sub-arctic Iceland.

For me there is a certain commonality of vastness, starkness, and space in the dramatic landscapes of these places – mostly un-touched by human endeavors.

The wild huge emptiness in these places make it easy to feel connection to the entire universe, and realize how small our “civilized” world is.

When Ice Burns will explore the commonalities between these extreme environments through drawings, photographs, and moving images.

Takk, Diane